Top Ten Essentials for How I Survived At-Home Lock Down When Pregnant

Smokey Sunset over Mount Scott in Happy Valley Oregon

There are many reasons why a pregnant woman may be stranded at home in lock down mode.  For me, it has been the unhealthy air quality in and around Portland.  Wildfires in Washington and British Columbia have dumped smoke into the region, making Portland one of the worst cities in the world for air pollution.  It’s been three days of this.

Here are the essentials I’ve relied on to prevent myself from going stir-crazy.

10.  Housework.  My least favorite thing to do.  But, when I’m home, there’s always something that needs to get cleaned or organized.  I’ve been up to my elbows washing dishes, doing laundry, tidying up the bathroom, changing the sheets in the bedroom, etc.  You won’t find me cleaning the litter box ( a no-no when you’re pregnant).  I’m also not vacuuming because I just read an article yesterday about avoiding this chore while particulate matter is polluting the air (from wildfires).  I am also going through my stuff, making piles and purging things I don’t need anymore in preparation for our upcoming move.

9.  Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime.  What can I say?  I like a good movie or a binge-worthy series to pass the time.  The latest binging has been on HBO’s “Sharp Objects” and “Succession“.

8   Pinterest.  Getting ideas for the nursery.  There are too many cute ideas out there! I love the inspiration I get when setting up my boards.  Dreaming up the space for our little arrival makes things feel real.

7.  Caviar.  Not fish eggs.  The restaurant delivery service.  I’d put grocery delivery here, as well.  But, there’s something sweetly indulgent about having really great restaurant food available for delivery.

6.  Books.  “Nurture: A Modern Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Early Motherhood” by Erica Chidi Cohen; “Bringing Up Bebe: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting” by Pamela Druckerman; and “Being Boss: Take Control of Your Work and Live Life on Your Own Terms” by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon.  I’m not including book reviews here.  I’ll just say that these are the kinds of books that keep my attention while I’m stuck at home.  I appreciate bits of wisdom and inspiration while I’m simultaneously creating a human life and building my business.

5.  Monthly Planner.  I am quite OCD when it comes to planning out my week and my days – both for work and managing our pregnancy.  My husband calls this obsessive attention to detail my OCA – obsessive compulsive advantage.

4.  Healthy Snacks.  If you’re in your second trimester, like me, you’re hungry all day and you need to get certain nutrients in your diet for your growing baby.  I’m grazing and noshing all day on things like an organic apple with all natural chunky peanut butter; Mary’s Gone Crackers Super Seed Everything with sharp cheddar cheese; watermelon slices (my most obsessive craving); hard boiled eggs with fresh ground pepper; almonds and dried plums, otherwise known as prunes.

3.  Baby Registry.  I am just getting started.  It’s a bit overwhelming being a first-time mom-to-be, so, every ad on Facebook that looks like something I will desperately need, or face dire consequences, has me liking everything from swaddle blankets to biodegradable diapers, to the “world’s best diaper bag”.  Thankfully, experienced moms chimed in and gave me great advice on how to build an essential baby item or registry list.  The big hint – you don’t need most of the fluff that target marketing is hitting you with!

2.  Online Prenatal Yoga Videos.  We are still in my apartment until we close on our first house.  So, I’m feeling a little cramped.  Movement is essential.  And, yoga offers restorative care and eases the little pains of pregnancy like a sore back.  A good one that is free:  Prenatal Yoga Center.

1.  My Business.  One of the benefits of owning my own business is that I control my schedule and work routine – for the most part.  Being a winemaker means I have to  manage my time during the busy season – harvest – as well as the work load leading up to our bottling runs, as well as running the sales and marketing side of the business.  Right now, I’m gearing up for harvest 2018 and putting together my comprehensive vintage notebook, which I do every year to manage each individual lot of wine that I make.  I’m using this time at home to get organized and to release new reds that just got bottled in July.

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